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"We take pride in what we do and look forward to working with you to create exceptional events."

Hannah Neunteufel

We are a passionate communitywhich is dedicated to the art of event design. All share the Enthusiasm for innovation and excellence. This makes for a professional and creative team that works with heart and soul and expertise.

Hannah's team brings a diverse range of skills and experience to the world of event planning. We are more than just a full-service agency. The ability to turn dreams into reality, Professionalism, reliability and a relentless drive for perfection are our core values. That is why we are also called the non-specialist specialists. We live for the details and the magic.

We listen carefully, understand our clients' visions and develop an implementation scenario that conveys their messages in an impressive way.

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Hannah Neunteufel

CEO & Mastermind

Martin Sommerbauer

Sales & Project Support

Bianca Nagl

Assistance to the management

Jakob Neunteufel

Chef & Catering

Mr Hermes

Maître de Plaisir

Daniel Flores

Production & Barchef

Elisabeth Muth


Amelie Wellenhofer

Sales & Project Support

Magda Weyrer


Harald Palma

Web design

and many helping hands and busy bees!

Partners in crime:

Event & catering

the agency

Hannah's plan

in the beginning was the plan

Hannah Neunteufel decides in 1999, after what feels like three lifetimes in the catering and concert business, to give the customers what they think they deserve on a larger scale and have hardly received until then: The Fresh kick for events, events, clubbings, catering, parties and everything that goes with it. In 2000, Hannah opened what was probably Vienna's first "Gassenlokal" office in the cool, up-and-coming Freihaus district: Hannah's Plan - Event Agency and Catering. 


The well-chosen house corner brings a lot of contacts, attention & customers - and great jobs - in the first 4 years. You make a name for yourself as the "creative people in the scene. So much so that the office moved to a larger location in Vienna Neubau in 2005. And here, what clients value continues to grow.

In 2014, the event agency celebrates its fifteenth anniversary and presents itself with around 800 square metres, some of them stately, in the smart Servitenviertel. Following the international model, the Future Office worked and lived in. The renovated property will be home to selected providers from the creative industry, who will be able to support each other in the Coworking Meshwork Space complete. 

What is already standard at global players like Microsoft or Google is now also becoming reality in Vienna - open offices, optimised creative spaces, different working landscapes create the breeding ground on which fresh ideas mature and powerful concepts emerge.


Coming from the catering industry, Hannah Neunteufel starts her own business shortly after founding her agency. Event Catering to offer: She lacked flexible solutions to creative continuations of event concepts in event culinary. For example, she wanted to offer versions of Heurigen buffets, serve food in extravagant containers, or serve really delicate wild oysters. And also never again have half-cold drinks served up, because that can ruin any feast, no matter how grandiose. Combine the new with the old, translate the old in a new way and serve something really new.

Thus, parallel to the Event Division the Catering Division - both can be booked independently of each other. The catering also gets a reputation in no time at all Exclusivity, top quality, flexibility and the best possible support. The same applies to the catering as to the events:




52,578 hand-addressed event invitations, 1,914 presentations, 1,880 event set-up plans, 870 whole pigs, 34,800 bottles of champagne, 252,380 dumplings, 301 recorded event locations, 942 press proofs, 9,600 m2 of laid natural grass, 399,053 event photos, 4,970,000 flower heads, 978 DJ bookings and 2,473 artist bookings, 5.489 hotel bookings, 397 requested stopping bans, 690,040 cable kilometres laid, 3,978,367 kilowatts of electricity, 1,478,000 kilometres driven, 7.6 cars used up, 948 parking tickets, 57 metres of Hansaplast, 4 websites, 1,627,001 e-mails, 39 computers, 637,578 telephone calls, 77 disused mobile phones, 1,001 all-nighters, 21 sleepless nights, 3 tax advisors, 3 lawyers, and lots of fun!

code of conduct

Because it is more important than ever:

We are committed to business ethics and expect this from our partners and clients.

Our stated mission is to entertain, to bring people together, to foster communication, to generate joy, to help dialogue, understanding and acceptance to grow.

We want to combine economic advantages with sustainability and strengthen basic human rights. That is why we cultivate in private as well as within the framework of our corporate culture: respect, loyalty, trust, confidentiality, harmony and mutual support.

  • We respect the United Nations Global Compact according to our possibilities as follows:
  • We respect and support human rights.
  • We stand up for freedom of association and assembly.
  • We are for the elimination of discrimination - also in employment and occupation.
  • We take a precautionary approach to the environment and want to initiate steps to promote greater responsibility.  
  • Our field of action knows no corruption or bribery

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