We cook, so they say, really damn well and aptly. We like it colourful, from cool and reduced to the most opulent arrangements. It can be fun and lively, unpretentious - organic, classy, elegant to dignified. If it suits, we love down-to-earth things - but not from yesterday, please.

Hannah's Plan Catering is available from small to large, from exclusive to casual, from the most elaborate to leanly produced. 

Well thought-out buffets, menus, homemade finger food, enjoyable snacks, meaty to vegan. In every conceivable variation - whether dinner, lunch, meeting or party. For every occasion and every situation. Our passion for exquisite taste experiences and first-class service drives us to refine events of all kinds with culinary delights.

To go with this, of course, presentation, tableware or tableware replacement and manners. We live for quality, taste and pleasure in food. We love form, charm, details and stories. We don't like to leave you "starving" with long PDF lists to download. We'll make you a bespoke catering plan, just right for your occasion.

We emphasise first-class ingredients, first-class preparation and a quality of service that is second to none. It goes without saying that any flavour preferences, allergens and intolerances are meticulously taken into consideration.

As a premium caterer, we are always welcomed by our guests with delight, sometimes euphorically, because we consistently deliver what our reputation demands!

Á la carte quality, certainly not system-gastronomically generated!

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