Our beloved Cafe Basket celebrates its 110th birthday and doyenne Sue Widl is awarded the Golden Decoration of Honour of the Province of Vienna.

That's what we celebrated - certainly not quietly and dignified!
A 12-hour Mulatschak with lots of programme!

The musical arc is stretched wide: Viennese song, chipsy jazz, funk session, brass band, a new wave knef and poppy house altogether delivered heart music at its best.

The highlight of the event is the glamorous Korb Korso - a city procession for more heart, courage, colour, sound, gold, delight, for a heaven on earth. Su Widl is sailed through the streets of the city centre - guests and onlookers join in the celebrations - an absolute city and press highlight!

Su! Perb! used, among other things, 300 metres of couture tulle, 52 working hours for the cake, 4,000 dahlias, 7 magistrate's inspections, etc.

Guests: 1,200

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