PPM Night

Celebrated were  30 years PPM Film + 10 years PPM 2.0 + 1 year PPM.  One thing is certain: the party will long be remembered by all those who enjoyed themselves in and around the old Sophienspital ...

The creative team of Hannah's Plan made the 2000 guests stars in a film whose plot they could determine themselves:

Besides a camel at the festival site, a confessional to reverently ask for forgiveness, a can shooting station to blow off steam, a "Speakers Corner" to make wild speeches, king size beds to retreat to, vintage pinball & black jack tables to gamble, we brought Kalinka Kalashnikov, the queen of classy burlesque, to the party to disrobe in a martini glass. The "Hot Pants Road Clubs Grand Funk Orchestra", the "DJ collective hausgemacht", Hanne and Lore from Berlin, Ogris Debris Live and Klub Renate ensured that the dance floor mutated into a witches' cauldron.

To ensure that the culinary delights were not neglected in the midst of all the entertainment, the premium catering team from Hannah's Plan brought delicacies from suckling pig to soup kitchen to the tables.

And, no, it was not a mirage: in fact, we had stately horses mingling with the guests in the garden of the Sophienspital - after all, the steed is the "heraldic animal" of the PPM.

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